Annual WEF-London 2023, 30-31 October, with G100 Commonwealth 1-2 November, London, UK


Participation in Annual WEF London 2023 is complimentary and by invitation only. However, we won't be offering complimentary refreshments or lunches or dinners. Instead, we will have several stalls selling delicious snacks that are available for purchase. To book any exhibition stall, please contact us.


Session Guidelines:

*Plenary Sessions : Each session of 60 minutes will have 15-16 co-speakers on a panel and 30 minutes session will have 8 co-speakers on a panel. Who will speak 3 minutes each.

*Parallel Sessions :The session of 30 minutes will have 8 co-speakers on a panel. Who will speak 3 minutes each.

*Role of Moderator: The speakers in each session, plenary or parallel, may select from amongst themselves a moderator to run the session in an interactive flow. This option if exercised may be informed to the secretariat in advance. In absence of a moderator, a session will run sequentially with speakers sharing in the allotted time. The awards are conferred at the close of the session.


Format :

 In case your panel shows only one or two speakers, the time allocated per speaker will still remain the same irrespective. The session duration may be shortened if fewer speakers or other speakers may join as the program evolves. 

Presentations are requested in personal storytelling spirit for authentic connection (no PowerPoints). There are no Q&A in regular course of sessions. Session flow is tightly timed and we request each to conclude within the time allocated and ensure other speakers also get their due time. Kindly use the timer one one’s phone to keep track. 

Event will be live-streamed on the WEF website. We will be doing photos and video clips for social media. However with the extensive footage it takes us time to upload on WEF TV. Therefore kindly arrange with friends to cover the photos and videos your session. 

Organisers may modify space and time of session, or merge sessions during the event to optimise logistics or other reasons. Organisers reserve the right of admission. Code of Conduct is applicable. In mutual trust and respect, positive spirit, and power of collective, All can thrive.


To Join as Speaker/Delegate : Kindly fill the Registration Form

For any queries : Email :


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